Our Services

We are a company that will help you achieve the goals related to the development of your company in Poland. We will help you find contractors to purchase goods or services or to establish cooperation. We implement all issues related to formalities in Poland.

We want to establish contact with companies from China in the area of their service in Poland.

We want to base our cooperation on offering our services and services to companies cooperating with us in order to effectively and mutually benefit the cooperation and profits for your company.

Searching for partners for cooperation in Poland for companies from China

Our company will search Polish contractors for cooperation with your company and provide all commercial services between your company and the Polish company.

Creating representations of foreign companies in Poland

We will prepare all formalities with the creation of your representative office in Poland to implement your business plans. We can also represent your interests with Polish contractors.

Imports of goods and services to Poland

Our company wants to establish cooperation with suppliers or producers from China for the purpose of import. If you are interested, we invite you to cooperation.

We invite you to cooperate