As a small but growing company from Poland, we are looking for: companies, suppliers, producers from China with whom we would like to establish cooperation in the field of the supply of goods, products and solutions from China to Poland.



Takedo rules:


  • hard work
  • loyalty
  • honesty
  • respect for others
  • attention to detail
  • controlled development
  • everything on time



What Takedo offer:


  • We provide contact to contractors in Poland.
  • We search for contractors from Poland. We search for buyers from Poland.
  • We create companies in Poland, we provide their accounting and customs and tax services.
  • Our company provides legal services to entities based in Poland.
  • We can organize a marketing campaign for products in Poland.
  • We can organize a campaign and reach over 150,000 flats from Warsaw.



  Takedo for your company:


  • We will sell your services or products in Poland and we will facilitate their future sale on the European Union’s course, if you give us a good price. We want to fully engage in the development of your company in Poland.
  • We will make a good advertisement for your products or services in Poland. We will do a lot of good work for you in marketing and promotion of your goods or services in Poland.
  • We can be an ambassador of your products or services in Poland and take care of them for you here exactly as you would have done with such a good understanding of the country as we did.
  • We can search for potential buyers for your services or products through our online portal.
  • We will facilitate the completion of all formalities, we can be your agent acting on your behalf in Poland fully realizing your best interests.



What Takedo needs from you:


  • We are looking for a company from China and not only to establish cooperation on an exclusive basis in Poland, in order to be able to develop it in Poland and give a foothold for further development into the European Union. We know this country better and we are aware of its tax and customs tax brochures.


  • We are looking for a producer of interesting services for solutions products that meet the stringent European Union standards in order to be able to offer these products to buyers from Poland as well as from the European Union.



What Takedo can do for you?


All our activities are supported by analysis and evaluation of their success. We want to earn money but we also want you to earn it. In our opinion, together we can achieve success that will translate into big profits. We are good at what we do. ,


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